Career Coaching:

Career Transition/Career Change Coaching

A career transition coach will work closely with you as you prepare for your next career move. This involves among others, identifying your transferrable skills, understanding your values and industries of interest.

Coaching The New Manager

Transitioning from being a doer to a leader of a team comes with many challenges and responsibilities. This coaching programme is tailored to support new managers to be effective in their new roles.

Team Development Coaching

Now more than ever, developing your team to work together and be effective is very critical. Teams have been affected by the ongoing pandemic, economic tensions, and the challenges of remote work. Team development sets businesses to thrive.  

Emotional Intelligence Mastery Coaching

Emotional intelligence is the primary enabling skill for creating psychological safety in an organization.


Career Guidance :

Grade 9 Subject Choice

There are various factors that play a role in the process of making a successful career choice. Grade 9 subject choice selection is the first step in this regard, as subject choices can have significant implications in terms of a future career. Assessments and interviews are used as part of this service.

Grade 10-12 Career Guidance

Our Psychometrists are highly skilled and experienced in assisting High School students to choose wisely, in terms of their desired career paths.

Job Readiness Training Programme

Job-readiness training programmes, or workplace-readiness programme prepare participants to get, keep and excel at a new job. Participants are empowered with basic employability skills which include effective communication, problem solving, CV building, and interviewing skills. The programme also help participants to develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success.


Life Coaching:


This programme is for adults who are committed to their own growth and development. Working from inside-out, zooming out hidden, habitual thought processes and self-limiting beliefs to get the Big Picture of your life–the one you know you’re meant to be living.

Enneagram Relationship Coaching

The Enneagram relationship coaching provides greater understanding of self, and even how we see certain attributes expressed in relationships with others. Revealing not only what a person does, but why they continue to become trapped in particular patterns of behaviour. It is forward focused and growth-centred, covering communication, conflict, coping styles, defense mechanisms, parenting, intimacy, and more.


Wellness Counselling :

Trauma Counselling

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